Pick yer performer.


Now what good could come from a bunch of folks hanging around a run-down farm, with time on their hands, lots of beer, and a drummer who shows up in a 72 VW microbus...

Since their humble beginnings in the cold winter of 1997, they've actually managed to stick together long enough (in this, the era of come'n go bands) to have played most dives in the area and dreamed up enough material to (sheesh!) put together their first album.

Primarily a Blues outfit, Soul Food also synthesizes Funk, R+B, Swing, and dashes of Rock and Jazz to form a unique recipe of original roots music. Each member brings something unique and original to the table - Big Geoff, singing and harp playing that is the heart and soul of the band; Stacey, a solid groove and some raunchy (and sweet) vocals; Sanjay, a dedication to the blues and a love of all sorts of roots music; and finally Jeff, in the pocket to keep it all together, with a love of experimentation, improvisation (and baggy pants).

With one CD already out, work will commence on a second this Spring. In the mean time, come see the band (we can use the cash and the company!). We'll keep ya posted!